Feeling low, sad or miserable at times is a common phenomenon however if it lasts for a long time and affects your everyday life, then it is a depression. Depression is more than simply feeling sad or unhappy for a few days. You will lose interest and pleasure in doing the things you normally do. There are numerous emotions or thoughts that affect your mental health, which includes feeling guilty for dong something or feeling bad about yourself for your failure or the feeling that you have let yourself or your family down, etc. The net result is that you will start feeling tired, and low energy all the time. Consequently, it may affect your sleep and your eating habits. Basically, when you are depressed, things can seem hopeless and out of your control. However with the right help or depression treatment it is possible to turn it around.

Depression Counseling and Psychotherapy

It is a common knowledge that simply talking with others can make a massive difference in the way you look at life. At times it's enough to talk with friends or family to overcome the feeling of depression. However, beyond a point you may feel the need for professional help. Before starting any depression counselling, you must understand that it is a common issue which can be treated under the guidance of a depression counsellor. We at Paradigm Intune understand the importance of being listened. Our experts listen to your problems carefully and help you to overcome from depression by unique methods and techniques that we have developed over a period of time. Talking to Dr Smita Gouthi, a well-known depression psychotherapist and a counsellor. in Ahmedabad, can support you explore the root causes of your depression and low moods. Your session with Dr Smita Gouthi will help you first, to pin-point and identify your obstructive and disruptive ways of thinking that you have developed within yourself overtime, and then help you develop new and more constructive and productive ways of thinking and behaving. Come and meet Dr Smita Gouthi in a one-to-one session, so we can listen to your story, and explain how we can help you.

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