Confusion is a very common stage we everyone feel in daily life. However, it is highly critical when you have to take important decisions which may change the course of your life. For example, Choosing a profession, quitting a job, relationship dilemma, relocating yourself to a new place, choosing your life-partner or getting married. If you feel that you are faced with a critical situation in your life, and that you are stuck with it since you are unable to find the right solution, then you may be suffering from confusion disorder. Confusion is a change in mental status in which a person is not able to think with his or her usual level of clarity. Frequently, confusion leads to the loss of ability to recognize people and or places, or tell the time and the date. Being in a state of confusion means not being able to think clearly or quickly, feeling disorientated and struggling to pay attention which may lead to many personal and professional problems. A small degree of confusion to a specific situation is okay, and it does not need any professional help. However people suffering from confusion disorder can sometimes act aggressively and unpredictably. Persons experiencing confusion disorder needs to be closely observed and protected, so that they do not harm themselves or others. Help from a professional psychotherapist is the best option for a person who experiences confusion disorder.

Confusion Disorder Counseling

If someone in your circle starts showing signs of confusion disorder, then it becomes imperative to consult a psychotherapist. Under the guidance of an expert psychotherapist like Dr Smita Gouthi, you will be able to identify the root-cause of confusion. Once you are diagnosed with the exact cause of your confusion, it becomes extremely simple to treat the person with confusion disorder, permanently. Confusion disorder can affect the way one lives his or her life. However, evidence indicates that when appropriate treatment is administered to the person affected by confusion disorder, that person’s life can be put back on track.. To book an appointment with Dr Smita Gouthi, contact us or fill-in the online form, and we will help you treat confusion disorder by our proven practice.

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