Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that can help us to express, and deal with, difficult feelings and situations comes in day to day life. It can also motivate us to change things we don’t like about our life in positive sense however sometime due to excessive aggression or anger can harm us especially for university or high school students. If you are a student and you feel that you cannot control anger in some specific or in general situation then you may be suffering from anger disorder. Anger is an issue if you are:

  • Hitting or physically hurting yourself or other people
  • Shouting at people
  • Breaking things
  • Getting upset in normal conversation with other
  • Losing control in most of the situations

Issues with anger can lead to risky behavior, refusing to go to college or school, isolation and self harm.

Anger Disorder Counseling

In order to get you anger controlled you need anger management or anger disorder counseling from expert psychotherapist like Dr Smita Gouthi. By her proven methods and techniques she will help and advise you how to deal with these. To book an appointment feel the form or call us today at Paradigm Intune.

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