Unlike foreign universities and colleges we don’t have professional psychotherapist in Indian universities. It is observed in many studies that mental health issues in students are increasing day by day. College workload is heavy, and the end-of-semester finish line seems awfully far away and leading to various mental health disorders. These issues are as common among students in India as they are in the general population. Depression, anger, anxiety, Stress and relationship are making day to day life difficult for hundreds of thousands of students in India especially in Gujarat. If you are a young student aged between 15-30 and need professional help relating to general mental health paradigm intune is here for you. Telling someone how you feel especially to a certified psychotherapist and psychoanalytic, may bring an immediate sense of relief.

Student Mental Health Counseling at Paradigm Intune

The paradigm intune is here to help you address personal or emotional problems that get in the way of realizing your full academic and personal potential. Being the leading student mental health clinic in Ahmedabad we offer individual counseling to students of the Universities and high school. Our student mental health counseling includes issue that may be troubling you e.g. academic problems, anxiety, anger, low mood, , depression, relationship issues, loneliness, self-esteem or self-harm. We will provide one-on-one consultation for your questions and concerns.

Get in Touch With Dr Smita Gouthi

Dr Smita Gouthi is well-known private psychotherapist and psychoanalytic practicing in Ahmedabad. She has over 20 years experience in the management of a variety of mental health problems of students, ranging from anxiety, anger, shyness, phobias, depression, confusion and relationship mess. Taking the first step is an important one, so if you contact her she will reply quickly. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or inquiries.

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