Student Anger Management

Anger is a normal healthy human emotion that helps humans to express their feelings or thoughts in an aggressive or dominating manner. It is important to deal with this emotion with a positive attitude specially for a student. It can also motivate a student to change his or her lives in a positive manner. All we need to do is control the aggression or otherwise aggression would take control us. When this happen at the crucial stage of being a student, it can damage the whole life.  Due to excessive aggression, it is found that students get hurt or harm themselves or take their life in a difficult situation to deal with.

It is obvious that everyone face difficult time, feelings and challenges in day to day life and sometimes react aggressively on, unlike situations. Students give aggressive reactions usually in situation like failure or stress of an exam, arguments with parents, teachers or friends, failure in a relationship, etc. As a student, if you are not control in some specific or normal situations mentioned above, maybe you are suffering from anger disorder. This demands therapy or counselling sessions with experts on student anger management to understand how to get control and deal with such stages of life and get over excessive aggression.

Usual aggression in some situations is normal in university and college students but when it gets out of control and becomes destructive for their own friends, families etc., it can generate problems in the day to day life. Students lose focus on studies, career and relationship.  It can harm the overall college life of a student, the personal relationship with your closed ones, disturbing the academic performance and career goals, etc. As a young student, you need to understand where you need to stop and gain control over your temper. As a university student, if you witness any of the following symptoms while displaying your emotions, you may be suffering from anger or aggressive emotions:

  1. Braking things
  2. Physically harm or hitting yourself or others
  3. Shouting on day to day situation 
  4. Get upset on normal conversation with others
  5. Lose control in small situation
  6. Thoughts of suicide
  7. Getting abusive on people

As a professionla student psychotherapist, we advise not to ignore such symptoms. They can do more harm than good in the long run of life. Student needs to understand how to control their aggression and thereby controlling their output in term of performance. There are many ways to control anger with various methods and techniques.

At paradigm Intune, Dr. Smita Gouthi can help college or university students to deal with their anger issue and control on anger with the few one on one counselling sessions on Student anger management sessions & therapy. By her proven methods and expert counselling, you can be more than assured to get over with such problems conveniently.


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