Relationship Counselling

Everyone’s relationship is different, every couple face ups and downs in their relationship. A good relationship runs smoothly and allows you to enjoy your personal life and work life. But in today’s complex world couples face so many challenges to maintain their relationship. If you are experiencing the same in your relationship, it might feel like there is nothing in your life or you may feel trapped or frustrated. If you are also feeling challenges or unusual changes in your relationship, you may need help. Many couples didn’t know how relationship counselling can help them hence, they hesitate to begin relationship counselling. Don’t afraid to ask for help with the relationship counsellor. We all need love, affection, human touch to thrive. Every couple deserves to be in a relationship where both can feel carefree and happy. In a counselling, couples learn better communication skills (pertaining to their specific issues to be addressed) to increase the level of understanding with their partner. When couples are facing challenges in a relationship and begin counselling to overcome the problems, they both feel their attitude changes in a positive way.

Student Relationship Counselling

It doesn’t matter if you are married or dating someone. Being in a relationship is common nowadays. The truth of relationships is that it has different phases of its ups and downs. The successful couple knows how to deal with the bumps, but it happens that sometimes couples face tough situations in their relation. Mostly when young couples, such as universities or college students start dating with someone, they get too much involved in their relationship. But when these young couples or students face difficulties in their relationship Student relationship counselling is one that is needed. Failure of a relationship takes place because of lack of communication, conflicts, etc. Trust issues and jealousy is the most common reasons for the failure of student relationships. These type of situation distract students from their studies, they hesitate to socialize with others. In some situations, they also harm themselves with suicidal thoughts. Students may also face depression and anxiety which leave them in mental or physical health problem. They require help in these types of situations by the professional relationship counsellor. Student relationship counselling can help students to come out and move on from these tough situations.

Dr. Smita Gouthi, at Paradigm Intune, is one of the best and professional expert providing relationship counselling in Ahmedabad. She helped hundreds of students to overcome their relationship challenges. She provides fruitful advice in student relationship counselling sessions that helps students to find a way out from the difficult times and situations they may be facing in a relationship. Her methods and techniques are simple, supportive that help you to overcome and ease the burden.

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