How to overcome from Depression?

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Would you like to be more productive and relax in life then this blog post is defiantly for you hence we will hep you to overcome from depression.

Sadness and happiness are part of life and each and everyone of us go through such phases where things are not working for us as we want. It’s very normal to have such feeling because after all we are human with emotion coefficient.

But if those emotions overwhelm you, make you feel unotivated, hopeless, helpless and sad, that last for weeks or months, it could be depression. Depression or depressive disorders (Clinical term), is the most common mental disorder, and is referred to as the unknown silent killer. The symptoms of depression can begin at any age and to anyone, they can manifest as mild symptoms at first, but can become serious if not recognized early or help for depression is not provided to the patient. When we talk about Indians approximately one in five people will experience depression in their lifetime. In general, depression is not the result of a single life event but rather the result of a combination of events and personal factors.

Psychoanalytic Therapies for Depression Treatment

Many studies and research show that psychoanalytic treatments of depression is most effective way to treat it permanently. Psychoanalytic therapy combines theories about how the human mind works with a range of therapeutic techniques that focus on understanding the unconscious mind to know the exact root cause of your depression hence it is most effective and long lasting. It is a  non-judgmental counselling process to treat you.

The Final Say!

Dr Smita Gaouthi is renowned Psychoanalyst based in Ahmedabad, India. She provide her personal counselling services to local and international patient for various issues like anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress and many more. By her unique counselling techniques and approach you will defiantly overcome from depression and become happy again. She will be happy to help and make the changes in your life for the life you want.

Please feel free to contact her or write your problem in inquiry form. We will provide you an appointment to understand your case and line of treatment.


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