Dr. Smita Gouthi

Ph.D ; Psychotherapist ; Psychoanalyst ; Training Analyst ; Supervisor

To begin with let me share something with you.

After my Ph.d I wanted to treat people from all walks of life for a wide variety of problems including anxiety, depression, trauma, lifestyle disorders etc. So I joined Gujarat Research and Medical Institute, Ahmadabad.(1998). Most of the patient who came to me over here were not aware of the theory and technique of Psychoanalysis/ psychotherapy. But they were aware of their suffering…that something was a block in their life or there is a disharmony which can be resolved (to whatever degree) they were in search of knowledge to get rid of their distress of life. Also, I worked with pre and post Cardio surgery, counseling to Cancer Patients and dangerously ill patients along with their relatives. This remains an enriching experience both in the area of Mental as well as Emotional illness!!

We have a proven track record of delivering large scale services with evidence of excellent clinical outcomes for people.

I moved on and worked intensively in the area of Trauma and Disaster after the major earthquake in Gujarat ( 2001). The impart of fear, anxiety, depression was in collective society. Disaster never comes with an appointment nor does it spare anyone. Loss of beloved, homes, business etc leaves a scare. Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) called for help and holding from many areas of life. I now started teaching so that helping hands increases.

Teaching became my passion. I started interacting with lot of Adolescent. This stage of life which is a “Crossroad” of every Individual is so full of Doldrums. I have Faith if our young generation who with their higher educational skills should acquire Emotional Integration then, they will be able to Transform their Life and the World at large!!

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