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Firstly, to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Smita Gouthi and may I welcome you to Paradigm Intune – a leading lifestyle disorder clinic in Ahmedabad. It is here that we offer the most effective psychotherapy treatments to successfully overcome and manage excessive levels of anxiety, anger, confusion and depression that people experience. Apart from this we help people with their relationship issues. Whatever the relationship issue, there is help available in the form of relationship counseling.

As a highly qualified and experienced therapist, Dr. Smita Gouthi works together with teenagers, adult individuals, working professionals, couples and families in a supportive and understanding manner towards the achievement of life change goals. We at Paradigm Intune are committed to helping you improve your mental health and overall wellbeing, assisting you in getting more out of life. If you have any question or would simply like to book an appointment, contact us today.

Therapies Employed

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Individual Supportive Therapy
Expressive Psychotherapy
Family Psychotherapy
Couples Psychotherapy

Dr. Smita Gouthi

Ph.D ; Psychotherapist ; Psychoanalyst ; Training Analyst ; Supervisor

To begin with let me share something with you.

After my Ph.d I wanted to treat people from all walks of life for a wide variety of problems including anxiety, depression, trauma, lifestyle disorders etc. So I joined Gujarat Research and Medical Institute, Ahmadabad.(1998). Most of the patient who came to me over here were not aware of the theory and technique of Psychoanalysis/ psychotherapy.

But they were aware of their suffering…that something was a block in their life or there is a disharmony which can be resolved (to whatever degree) they were in search of knowledge to get rid of their distress of life.

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University Students Mental Health

With the rise of information technology and an increasing global economy, higher education is also becoming more of a necessity for success.

Young adults enter college with many challenges – Complicated family dynamics, identity issues, and extreme pressure to succeed. Students may also have mental health difficulties, ranging from adjustment disorder to mood disorders, to disturbed relationships. While many of these students are able to capitalize on available transition programs and on their own individual coping abilities, too many experience predictable and preventable problems, Some feel so depressed that they seriously consider suicide.

The majority of college student mental health difficulties affect students “Everyday life” in some way or the other. In addition to causing academic underperformance, psychological problems have a range of other side effects ; from creating difficulties in establishing friendships and other intimate relationship to delaying graduation to dropping out of school. Hence, Students lifestyle problems, relationship difficulties, depression and anxiety takes a toll on the “PERFORMANCE” of the student.

So reach out and seek professional help.


Psychoanalysis at it heart is very simple—the "talking cure".
Psychoanalysis treatment is based on the theory that our present is shaped by our past. We are often unaware of how experiences can affect us. Painful feelings can remain in the unconscious mind and influence our current mood and behaviour and contribute to problems with self-esteem, personality, relationships and work. Because we are unaware of these forces, common problem-solving techniques – such as seeking the advice of friends and family or reading self-help books– often fail to provide relief.

Psychoanalysis helps a person take control of these influences by tracing them back to their origins and understanding how they have developed over time.

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What Happy Clients Say

I am a university student and was suffering from depression then came to know about Paradigm Intune. I was feeling very impatient before meeting Dr Smita and after first session felt relaxed. I wanted to thank you for your time and great care Dr Smita. I have never before had such a pain free experience with such excellent results.

MBBS Student

I am so pleased I found Dr Smita. Not having had this counseling before I was super-nervous - but actually, the whole experience was great - from the first call to last session. I am happy now and living peacefully and enjoying my life. Thanks to Dr Smita Gouthi.

IIT Student

Dr Smita I’m delighted with the treatment that you did for me to manage my anger. I am now much sorted and peaceful person in life. Thank you very much for your kind support and care.

Engineering Student

Dr Smita Gouthi, I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the counseling you did to me to manage my relationship issues. I am happy with current situation and would like to recommend other who is facing relationship dilemma.

B.ED Student

While doing MBA I was too much concern about my presentations. I was suffering from anxiety issues hence thought of consulting doctor. I was looking for psychoanalyst and got Dr Smita’s number from internet. She is a true professional. She is realistic and explains what she thinks is achievable before she starts treatment. After few session my degree of anxiety is reduced to a great extend. Now I am happily working in MNC, thanks to Dr Smita. I highly recommend her for anxiety related issues.

MBA Student
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